Re-opening SALE @DSW - save 50%

I have now officially re-opened my personal store www.digitalscrapworld.com! YES! 

I am still putting products into the store, and will be doing that for quite some time. It is an unbelievable boring job, which is why I am a bit on the slow side with it. But I will get the job done! Eventually!

The store is on a 50% discount sale until next weekend (/sale ends Sunday September 14th.).

Unfortunally my returning customers will have to greate new logins. I am sorry for the inconvenience this is causing. As I have mentioned in an earlier post, I ended up having to delete the whole store including all my customer data.

For the freebies hunters out there: I have added 8 freebies. They are not new. I have not had the time to make something new for you. Sorry about that. But just maybe I have a freebie or two that you have missed in the past! 

Thanks for all the patience and understanding! :)


UPDATE - Digital Scrap World

I have finally finished customizing my personal store. And to be honest I think it looks great!

You can check it out here: www.digitalscrapworld.com

However the store is not "up and running" just yet. I still need to put products into it. A not so minor detail! LOL! It is a tedious and boring job, that is also slow, but I will get it done. I aim to be finished sometime during next week. Once the store is fully up again I will have a grand re-opening sale! So look out for that!

Once again thanks for your patience! :)


My personal website is DOWN

I have been forced to take drastic measures and have deleted my personal store! 7 years of hard work gone in a few minutes. Yack! Talk about a scary experience.

So far I have not decided what to do now with my domain DigitalScrapWorld.com. The store will be up again in some form, but at the moment I am considering which cart solution is right for me. While I think about that, the store will be closed. Sorry about that.

However quite a lot of my products can still be found at Nuthouse Scraps and at etsy, so please check out these two stores for now.


Please also check out my new kit "Let's Learn Something". I went "a little" paper crazy with this one, and ended up with a kit with 46 papers. I think, this kit turned out super cute and I have to say, that I adore it! 

As with most of my kits, you get an awful lot of kit for your money: the kit only cost $6 

 You can buy the kit at my etsy store or at Nuthouse Scraps.


2 new items in the stores

I have a new kit and a new paperpack in the stores.

You can buy the kit at Digital Scrap World, in my Etsy store and at Nuthouse Scraps.

You can buy this paperpack at Digital Scrap World and in my Etsy store.