Sneak peek of exclusive newsletter freebie

Here is a sneak peek of the exclusive freebie in my next newsletter. 

It is a 3600*3600 px. (12*12 inch) quick page made using my new kit "Halloween Scares".

It will ONLY be available in the upcoming newsletter. That is scheduled to be send out this Saturday, so if you would like to get this quick page and are not already a newsletter subscriber then don't forget to sign up today or tomorrow. Can be done at the left coloum of this blog or on the main site of my website. I send out newsletters everytime, I have a new kit ready, which is once or twice a month depending on how fast (/okay slow) I am.

Halloween Scares + some etsy news

This years Halloween kit from me is now available. Normally it would - obviously - be in my personal store Digital Scrap World, but as some of you might have noticed (/there is a banner at the top), I have some minor technical issues after a database update. I have opted not the put the kit into the store until this problem is solved. Meaning that so far the kit will only be sold at etsy, where I can not offer instant download due to the limitations there. 

I am working on making an exclusive newsletter freebie from this kit. Hopefully the newsletter will be send out this Saturday.

As per usual one might say I have had some "troubles" limiting myself with this kit, so again it is a really big one. In it you find 16 pattern papers, 8 solid papers, 3 full alphas (a-z plus 0-9) and 119 embellishments: 1 arrow, 3 bats, 1 border, 1 candelabra, 1 candle, 1 carving tool, 2 cats, 2 cauldrons, 1 cluster (in 2 versions - with and without frame - both has a shadow applied), 3 doodle circles, 1 dracula, 6 flowers, 2 frames, 5 ghosts (also included a version with shadow beneath the ghosts), 3 (pieces of) greenery, 1 (handwritten word) HALLOWEEN, 4 Halloween berry branches, 10 (bottles of) potions, 6 pumpkins, 1 pumpkin splash, 10 (pieces of) ribbon, 1 (handwritten word) SCARY, 1 sign (saying) Halloween, 1 skull, 3 spiders, 2 spiders on cowebs, 7 spider webs, 6 tags, 1 (handdrawn) tombstone with RIP on it, 9 (scary) twigs, 1 witch, 13 words and 1 (handwritten words) Trick Or Treat.

 You can buy the kit in my etsy store.

I don't know, how many of you are etsy buyers or sellers, but if you are, you might have noticed a change in the search results shown to you. Etsy has for reasons unknown to anyone but themself decided to make their famous global marketplace into a local ditto. So search results will depend on, where you search from. This is in my and many other etsy sellers and buyers eyes a BIG mistake. Therefor there has been made a petition on change.org to try and make etsy see their mistake. If you agree, you can sign this petition here