Jolly Roger - New pirate scrapbooking kit

I have made yet another - it is going to be the last, I promise, maybe - pirate scrapbooking kit. My nephew loved to dress up as pirate, when he was younger, which I guess is the main reason, I have made several pirate kits. It is not like pirating is in any way recommendable or anything like that. Not that a "small" thing like that is stopping me from watching Pirates Of The Caribean. Or thinking it is cute, when my nephew dresses like a cute pirate. Or should I say dressed. He is 12 now, and apparently too old for that sort of dressing up. Hm...

Anyway my new scrapbooking kit has a pirate theme!

Content of kit:17 pattern papers, 7 solid papers, 86 embellishments and 2 alphas (a-z and 0-9).
The embellishments are: 3 anchors, 1 barrel, 1 bland paper scroll, 4 bombs, 2 bottles, 1 cannon (2 versions), 1 cluster (with a shadow applied), 2 coins, 1 compass, 1 divider, 1 eyeglass, 1 eye patch, 5 flowers, 1 folded ribbon, 3 frames, 2 frame clusters (both has a shadow applied), 1 hat, 1 headscraf, 1 hook, 1 island, 2 jolly rogers, 1 key, 1 knife, 3 leaf branches, 1 lock, 1 map, 1 palmtree, 1 pearl, 1 pearl heart, 1 pearl necklace, 1 pistol, 1 rope, 2 scrolls, 1 ship, 2 skulls, 1 (background) splatter, 2 stacks of bombs, 9 stickers, 2 swords, 1 treasure chest, 1 water splash, 1 wheel and 14 words.
Personal use only!

You can buy the kit at Digital Scrap World or in my etsy store.


Here is a layout made with the kit and - surprise, surprise - starring my nephew!