Re-opening SALE @DSW - save 50%

I have now officially re-opened my personal store www.digitalscrapworld.com! YES! 

I am still putting products into the store, and will be doing that for quite some time. It is an unbelievable boring job, which is why I am a bit on the slow side with it. But I will get the job done! Eventually!

The store is on a 50% discount sale until next weekend (/sale ends Sunday September 14th.).

Unfortunally my returning customers will have to greate new logins. I am sorry for the inconvenience this is causing. As I have mentioned in an earlier post, I ended up having to delete the whole store including all my customer data.

For the freebies hunters out there: I have added 8 freebies. They are not new. I have not had the time to make something new for you. Sorry about that. But just maybe I have a freebie or two that you have missed in the past! 

Thanks for all the patience and understanding! :)