Nuthouse Scraps Birthday Celebration - last hint for last freebie!!

Nuthouse Scraps birthday celebration ends tomorrow, so if you want the free goodies and the big discount hurry over there now! :)

This is my last freebie:
Go hunt for it here.


Nuthouse Scraps Birthday Celebration - new freebie plus first hint

I have just let Scrappy and Nutty hide my last freebie in this years Birthday treasure hunt at Nuthouse Scraps.

Here is a hint for finding this freebie:
Scrappy and Nutty are happy it is finally spring!

Go hunting here.


Nuthouse Scraps Birthday Party - last hint for freebie #3

Last day and last hint (which is a reveal) for this freebie:
Go treasure hunting here. Oh, and don't forget, that the other designers at Nuthouse Scraps also have had Scrappy and Nutty hide goodies among their products! :)


Nuthouse Scraps Birthday Party - hint #2 for freebie #3

Scrappy and Nutty are dancing under a retro disco ball!

Have a great hunt! :)



Nuthouse Scraps Birthday Party - hint # 1 for freebie # 3

Scrappy and Nutty are in the groove!

Good luck treasure hunting! :)



Nuthouse Scraps Birthday Party - last hint and last day for freebie #2

You can get this mini add on for free, IF you can find it:
Last hint:
Scrappy and Nutty are having a happy birthday!


Nuthouse Scraps Birthday Celebration: todays hint!

I have posted a new freebie at Nuthouse Scraps, here is a hint for it:
Nutty and Scrappy are having a Birthday party! :)

Good luck with the treasure hunt!


Nuthouse Scrap Birthday Party - last hint and last day for this freebie

Today is the last day for my first freebie in Nuthouse Scraps Birthday treasure hunt, so here is a last hint for you:
I think, Fall is fantastic! :)

This is the freebie, you can get:
As you can see, I have been naughty and pixelated the name. ;)

Oh, and don't forget that the Birthday Sale is still going on. Save amazing 40% on everything (CU, CU4CU and PU/S4H) in my part of the store. And 40% on just about everything else.


Nuthouse Scraps Birthday Party continues + hint for freebie hunt

Nuthouse Scraps 4th. birthday celebration is continuing.

Michele (AKA Creatively Obsessed) has a template challenge in the forum. She has created a wonderful template for you to play with. Hopefully you will post your result, but whether you will that or not don't cheat yourself for this template, so remember to go and download it.

This is what I came up with, when I played with it:
The pictures are from this years egg hunt. My Nephew could go into a sugar coma with all these sweets. LOL! 

I have used kit "Spring Time" for the challenge.

I promised to give a hint to the scavenger hunt, so here it is: Fall is a long time ago!


Nuthouse Scraps BIG Birthday Party has started!

See you at Nuthouse Scraps for an exciting Birthday party! :)

I will drop hints to the hunt for my freebies, when they are available, so keep an eye out for posts! Oh, and don't forget to stock up on your personal and commercial use products. It is going to take quite some time before there will be a new whole store sale.

A little hint and a HUGE recommendation: please go check out the collab, that is made for Anna. A four year old adorable German girl, who unfortunately is battling cancer. 

38 talented designers have come together to make a beautiful charity kit for Anna. I am not one of the designers, so I went and bought the kit instead to support Anna, and I can really recommend it. Not only are you supporting a little girl in need, but you also get a truly amazing kit.

You can find the beautiful collection made for Anna here. And who knows, if you look closely you might even find a little free goodie there too. :)

Don't wait too long though, the goodie will only be available for a few days. AND remember to support Anna - either directly (/links can be found in the above ad) or buy buying something from the collection! :)


{Oh My} - a Victorian kit

I have a new Victorian themed kit in the store(s). The kit is called "{Oh My}" and in it you find 1 alpha (A-Z, 0-9, &, ?, !, { and }), 12 pattern papers, 4 solid papers, 1 bicycle, 8 bows (1 design, 8 colours), 1 bowler hat, 2 butterflies, 2 (cardboard pieces with) button hinges, 1 cluster (has a shadow applied), 1 dolly, 2 fern leaves, 6 flowers, 2 frames, 1 frame cluster, 1 heart, 1 lace ribbon, 4 (paper) leaf branches, 1 leaf, 4 mannequins, 1 needle, 1 needle thread, 2 parasols, 1 pearl heart, 1 pendant, 1 phone, 6 roses, 1 scissor, 2 (women) shoes, 4 small frames, 11 stamps, 1 (line of) stitches, 1 tag, 1 thimble, 1 thread, 9 tulles, 5 Victorian sewing items and 1 BONUS quick page.

 You can buy the kit at Digital Scrap World and at Nuthouse Scraps.

As always I have been "playing" with the quick page. This is what I came up with:
It is my great-grandparents (/my Dad's grandparents on his fathers side) in the pictures.